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New for CES 2020

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USB Charging Clocks & Accessories

Sandman Doppler

6-port USB charging smart clock

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Sandman Clock

4-port USB charging station alarm clock

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Charge Your Devices

Never leave the house with a dead battery

"Since you'll have the time plastered in bold, red writing, you won't have to reach for your phone to check the time in the middle of the night. Because we all know simply checking your phone can send you on a fruitless, two-hour Instagram scroll."

"A simple alarm clock with a bright display, the Sandman Clock doubles as a four-port USB charger for your phone or tablet. It also has an easy-to-use alarm button. The bright red LED readout is old-school, but you can see it from across the room."

"Half charging station, half alarm clock, the Sandman is the ultimate do-it-all nightstand device."